Vacations in the countryside of France

The countryside of France contains 156 villages declared by the Ministry of Culture of France to be “the most beautiful”. Many of the houses are modest and trimmed with wild gardens and surrounded by peaceful and silent nature. Investors who wanted to erect villas and modern hotels on the waterfront were declined. That never stopped the flow of tourists. On the contrary, the number of peasant houses has increased, and the fabulous ones today are sold at prices of up to 10,000 Euros per square meter. This is a France most people worldwide want to explore!

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In medieval villages, the peasant’s donkeys still carry heavy bags of Poitou salt while wearing pants to protect them from mosquitoes. In 1977, there were only 40 of these animals alive. This breed of Latos donkeys was endangered, but the villagers were able to preserve them, and today Latos donkeys are a tourist attraction. In this part of France, Village Halls have invested in bicycle lanes. Whether there is sunshine or rain, the French and tourists enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Here, almost all the tourists leave their cars outside the village and take the ride on two wheels.

You can travel through the France countryside by trains or buses as they are comfortable with very friendly drivers and reasonable ticket prices. All Provence villages have almost the same pattern; as you approach the entrance to the village, everything around becomes yellow hues. Then the earth, streets and houses are stained bright yellow, orange and ocher. Most of these villages look almost unreal: on one side is the village with reddish houses that seems frozen in the sun and the other side there are vineyard vines. Stepping into the village streets, you will find they’re protected from the scorching sun. Bluish or reddish stone struck the sea breeze and there may be a scent of lavender in the air. Streets may be choked with tourists or, on the contrary, so desolate that a person might hear their own thoughts; at every street corner a surprise is waiting.


Some other villages are arranged on the roads passing through a pine forest; the road usually is not widely traveled. The vintage air of the Renaissance and the gorgeous smell of the bistro café’s coffee and croissants will pleasantly surprise from place to place, just to remind you that you’re in France, the country of refinement and good taste. Usually, these villages are guarded by high towers, made from red bricks or ancient castles, and are surrounded by old monasteries and churches. They typically have spectacular fountains in the center and sloping cobbled streets with a sort of stairs carved in the middle.

Do not forget about the peaceful, calm, full of serenity atmosphere, where crickets are everywhere. Each village has its own traditional shops of authentic goods, chic boutiques with handicrafts, bakeries and brasseries with enticing aromas, and terraces where you can quench your hunger and thirst. Above all, the unmistakable perfume of lavender is like a local trademark, inviting tourists to try various sorts of creams, perfumes and oils. All these wonderful ingredients are available whenever you want to visit this magnificent region of France. It’s a fairytale and a magical countryside!

An enjoyable escapade in Provence

For me, I can relate a vacation to love. It is a much anticipated pleasure sometimes experienced with discomfort and remembered with nostalgia. France is a country of balance; the climate is not too hot or too cold, and it has four distinct seasons. With amazing food, simple lifestyle, great forests, sun dunes and big waves, the countryside of France provides a canopy of amazing experience.


Let me put forth my thoughts onwhy Provencegets my vote for an ideal vacation:

  • You will feel as if you are just stepping into a movie as you discover the majestic rock formations, the charming towns and villages and the Alpilles region.
  • You will certainly enjoy a Provencal town with a historic town center and a full range of restaurants, cafes, open-air markets and shops.
  • The scenic perched villages as well as the bustling market town of Apt and the animated city are truly picturesque.
  • If you have dreamt of living in a historic and bustling town, then you must allow yourself to wander through the narrow streets with fountains, shaded squares and the very impressive 12th century castle.
  • The often talked about Luberon hilltop villages top the must-see list.
  • The expertise in baking will drive your attention along with the small grocers and,if you get lucky, do not forget to visit the Friday market.

I feel like I have thrown many bouquets at Provence by describing its glory, but now let me share my personal take on Provence.



My friend and I checked into a hotel which had nothing fancy but had everything you could ask for.It was located right across the beach and was really close to the Old Town. Then when we went to the city, it was absolutely fantastic.The night was buzzing and there was so much to do in the city. A nice dinner we foundwas priced around 70-80 Euros per dinner.


The second day was flooded with activities as we climbed the hills and the old Chateau, and it is not an experience to be missed out on for whoever steps into Provence. We went scuba diving in Villenfranche; though it was not as colorful as I imagined, we had a very good dive – a lot of sea life and a great time I must say. I would recommend diving in Nice’s port as they are all great people who are very well equipped and are not highly priced. Then we visited the street performances and enjoyed lovely music. A lot of time can be spent exploring the market area and center square at night, though we got tired and came back early.


Half of the day was spent in Monte Carlo/Monacco. As per our plan, we dropped into the Oceanographic Museum andthe casino and had lunch in the port area. Though I likedMonte Carlo, it was nothing spectacular. But going at least once is recommended for some fun and relaxation. This is how our escapade came to an end.

It was relaxing, enjoyable trip met with all kinds of sophistications. We also brought back with us a lot of fun-filled memories and the culture in terms of food and entertainment.

Frolic Rapprochement in Dordogne

Vacations used to be a luxury, but in today’s cynical and overworked culture, it has become a necessity. Taking the time to enjoy life and tranquility is essential. Award yourself with an enjoyable and relaxing experience in the lap of our vibrant nature spread across the globe.


I always knew I wanted to incorporate the French countryside in my vacation list, but I really had no idea which part of France. The scenic villages amidst the lavender fields and the indulgence in the historic arrondissements can bring a sense of peace and relaxation to any visitor.  This was my first time in the French countryside with my daughter and my whole family.  When I was first searching in some forums, I didn’t even know about the beauty of the Dordogne, and to be honest I chose Dordogne due to all the raves and reviews I read about the area.


Without taking much of your time, let’s continue the journey and run down a truncated to-do list we put together:

  • The Dordogne is one of France’s most beautiful regions to explore. The most interesting attraction of the place when traveling with family is that you can combine activities like biking, hiking, canoeing with historic touring. And any part of the year it is not overrun with tourists, but you still might want to avoid visiting in July.
  • The very first thing which our family tried was meandering through the scheduled market days in the Dordogne; small kids are very well entertained by the trinkets and treats around. Then we thought to break the ice by canoeing or kayaking on the Dordogne River. Trust me, you won’t find a more magical river to kayak or canoe. Our kayak trip was over in just five hours, but it was too long for some of the family members, so it was time for some food and wine. It was unbelievable that each season in Dordogne brings in a rich local bounty of succulent white asparagus, tender strawberries, walnuts, crepes, morel mushrooms and the widest range of red and white wines, so it was a perfect finale to a fun-filled, active day.


  • A garden visit and bike riding is fun for almost every age. The quiet, glorious and gentle hills are breathtaking and will make for an enjoyable experience. Finally an afternoon at Les Jardins de Marqueyssac was effortless and relaxing.
  • More than 1000 castles dwell in the Dordogne, though all of them are not open for visitors, but you will find plenty to explore. Be sure not to miss out on the Chateau de Beynac, one of the fantastic medieval castles of Europe. If you run short of time, then the exterior of the castle itself is worthy of your appreciation and view.
  • The best way to discover the fun and freedom of Dordogne is to go local and visit the place during summer festivals. We were lucky to catch up with their village celebrations.

Dordogne was a blast to visit and I accepted that vacations offer a life of pleasure which is never overrated.